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Nathan Bonsu has been in the health and fitness industry for more than eight years advising and teaching groups and individuals on fitness, nutrition and pain management to enhance wellbeing.

Nathan is a highly skilled Biomechanics Coach, Sports Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, transforming the life of his clients through bespoke training programmes providing an enjoyable and effective plan, improving function of the central nervous system and the body whilst increasing fitness and health.

Nathan became interested in health and fitness at an early age. At fourteen his PE teacher introduced him to weight training, this led to a huge interest recognising and understanding the role and function of individual muscles and how specific training alters body shape.
This interest led him onto his career path.

At first impressions one might assume that fitness and training are his only interests, while this is true for the most part, Nathan has many varied interests, which include Music, Football, Martial Arts and Reading, this strikes a balance between work and play.

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Craig is one of the UK’s leading specialists in the field of exercise rehabilitation. Working in liaison with several north London hospitals, as well as consulting for professional sports teams such as Sheffield Utd FC, Craig has helped many people achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Craig graduated in Sport & Exercise Science in 2003 and began working alongside physiotherapists in the north London area with clients suffering from a range of rehabilitation issues.

He continues to improve his knowledge and skills, studying various courses run by some of the leading institutes in exercise rehabilitation as he sought out the most complete approach to treating the human body. His combines these methods with additional toolkits - including Myofascial release, Muscle activation technique and Instant muscle strengthening techniques - which are used to increase the effectiveness of the rehabilitation programmes.

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Having worked and trained in the health and fitness industry for over 9 years Ben has worked with a variety of clients of all ages and abilities.

The biggest misconception about Personal Training is that the trainer shouts and screams from the side to motivate the clients and it's only athletes and people that want to be shouted at that use a trainer. Ben is aware that many people find the thought of hiring a trainer can be both an intimidating and scary thought. However, his aim has always been to encourage those who feel this way to try personal training with Ben by developinga relationship and fitness programme that will build confidence, improve self-esteem and gain results.

He aims to ensure that every client he sees comes out of their coaching session invigorated and empowered to come back for more.In the modern day many people are conscious of body image and I take no greater pride than helping a client to change body shape. Weather your goal is weight loss or building muscle mass and tone, Ben will work closely with you in all areas including diet, progress monitoring and goal reviews. Modern day life also brings with it sedentary jobs and much inactivity which is why Ben places a lot of emphasis on helping those people whoneed help with their posture and developing a programme that will encourage them to take up and enjoy physical activity.

There are many methods in the fitness industry that can help you achieve your goals and through using a variety of techniques and equipment Ben always aims to keep the sessions fun and interesting, whilst never losing sight of the ultimate goal.